Top 5 Hard Truths About Dating While Broke

It is often said that simple things in life are free. However, is it really true when it comes to relationships? Loving someone is alright but dating is a different ball game altogether. It needs a complete investment of time, money and emotions and everything else to reach a possible happy ending. Let us see if dating is possible when a person is broke.

  1. Dating can be expensive. Going for dinners and movies may not be possible very often if you are on a shoestring budget. There are many unreasonable expectations from both sexes- men to spend the money on food and other outings and women to spend money on looking good.
  2. It is a difficult time in the lives of young people. They are just learning to survive on their own for the first time and that is when dating also becomes really important.
  3. In spite of these obstacles, dating is still possible. Young or old –people across the age groups and genders realize the true value of emotions and love. You can stretch a dollar and buy a lot more if you use the right deals and discount coupons. For example, today there are online and mobile coupons available on, where you can get amazing discount coupons.
  4. It is tricky, to be honest about the financial situation as people fear being judged by their love interest or being rejected for being broke. The fact is it is really difficult to sustain a lavish style on a budget. So do not create expectations from the beginning and be clear about your situation.
  5. You can do the activities that are inexpensive. Take your date out for a picnic or cook a meal at home with whatever you have and go for long walks or do some activities that both of you enjoy.

It is indeed difficult to date when you do not have much money. But at the same time, there is no shame in having less money and it is always better, to be honest about the situation from the beginning. It develops the essential trust and a strong foundation.