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How to Rock Your First Date

So you have been chatting with someone that you met on an online dating site and now it is time to take the plunge and actually meet for your first date.  You’re probably a little nervous but that’s okay, we’re here to give you some tips on how to rock that first date.  Read on.

Pick the Right Spot

Where you decide to meet up says a lot about your personality, here’s an example if you pick a bar or nightclub it indicates that you like to party, if you choose a coffee shop that’s more low key.  Lastly if you choose a park that indicates that you love the outdoors. Here are some other ideas about where to take someone on a first date.

Prepare in Advance

If you want to help with the anxiety of a first date then prepare ahead of time.  Find things that will help carry the conversation, talk about the other person’s interests.  Learn about the other person in advance so you can be confident talking about subjects that interest them.

Dress for the Occasion

It’s not just where you go that makes a first impression with your date but what you’re wearing as well.  Never go out on a first date looking like you just crawled out of bed.  You want your appearance to be neat and well groomed, make sure it is suitable for the occasion.  A good first impression goes a long way to getting a second date.

Show Up on Time

Showing up on time isn’t just a good idea it is common courtesy.  Don’t make your date wait on you, some won’t wait at all.  There are occasions where being late is unavoidable so give them the courtesy of a call or a text letting them know.  Be sure to apologize when you get there, nobody likes to be kept waiting.

Be on Your Best Behavior

It isn’t just kids who can act like a jerk even on a date.  Treating waitresses badly, being rude or forgetting the manners your mother taught you is a sure fire way to finish the date alone.  Take turns talking, don’t interrupt or talk over people and listen graciously.  Being polite and showing good manners will get you that much closer to a second date.

Going on a date for the first time with someone that you don’t know well can be intimidating.  It doesn’t have to be, remember the other person is every bit as nervous as you.  Follow these tips and your date should go fine.

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