Reasons Why You Should Date a Person Who Loves to Travel

Messiness and disorder will be tolerated

Especially if you’re the type of guy to be extremely disorderly and always a chaotic mess, this can be a godsend since she won’t be nagging you along all day to clean your stuff. Because any type of travel — even the most well-planned trip — will be filled with chaos and uncertainty because you are entering the realm of the unknown. You simply can’t plan for every possible outcome or event you will face along the way. There is no way a girl obsessed with the order will also be in love with frequent traveling.

She can do things by herself

That is — she is a problem solver and is probably smarter than average. Like we established in number 3, traveling comes with a lot of uncertainty and surprises. but it also comes with excitement and the chance to do challenging things you normally never get to do, like trying to trek back to your hotel in the monsoon, finding the Best Travel Hair Dryer on Amazon two days before you leave, navigating a foreign country where nobody speaks English, haggling street side shops in China because you ran out of money going to KTV every day, and navigating the labyrinth that is most international airport today.

She knows how to spend money wisely

It’s easy to just lose all your money traveling since you want to buy the most expensive food or clothing or airplane tickets in the first few days. Even at the airport gate waiting for your flight, you can spend thousands at the duty-free shops. However, if she’s an experience traveling, she won’t make those amateur and careless mistakes and instead be very good at managing money during trips. This skill also carries well into real life.