New Relationship: The Best First Home Date Tips

Believe it or not but one day you will feel like exiting all these dating places like restaurants and theatres and start dating at home. This means calling your partner or girlfriend home and make her comfortable plus giving her dating like feel. Here are the ways-

#1 Play A Board Game

Take it slowly, and for that, start with playing some card or board games. Ask each other questions, break the monotony and let your partner win. This will light up the spark in you two.

#2 Play Puzzle

Just like board games you two can solve any puzzle together. It can be a nice activity after getting done with cards. Pick up any puzzle and try to solve it while helping each other or create the competition.

#3 Bake Or Cook Something.

Ever thinking of baking a dessert together? If not, then it is the time. Ask your partner for her favorite sweet or dessert and so it together. The sweetness of the desert and the nice smell will make you both fell in love and intimacy. If you want any improvements in your home then use BuildSearch and find professionals at low costs.

#4 Paint With Watercolors

Just imagine how sexy it can be. Using watercolors on that canvas, placing hands together in color can be so amazing. Don’t try to stay clean and let the colors cover you.

#5 Bottle Of Wine And Dance

Having a bottle of wine and dance is undoubtedly a romantic and calmly combination. Get two wine glasses filled with the premium quality of wine and taste it together. Hold her hand and dance while sipping up the drink.

#6 Take A Bubble Bath

Want something steamy? Take a bubble bath with her. Get a bathroom Jacuzzi or a tub will work fine. Get intimate by slowing things down and soak up your souls into those bubbles.

18 At-Home Date Ideas

New relationship tips: the first home date