The Best Ways To Get A Girl To Like You On The First Date

You are super tensed because you want the girl to actually start liking you on the first date itself. Do not worry; at LTC we help you to take the right steps to impress a girl.

What should you be doing?

Do not expect the first date to be mushy and romantic. You want to make it interesting and fun. So for that, you need to decide on an activity that both of you could enjoy.

Maybe cook a dinner together or buy tickets to the local band, it can be anything. Just make sure that you go for something that is interesting and you think that she would enjoy. Also, make sure that you have time in hand that will allow you to speak to get to know each other.

Many would vouch for a dinner date or a drink at the bar. That is great but when you plan something for her you are sure to stand out. She will be impressed by the fact that you at least spend some time thinking and planning and not just picking up the phone and reserving a table at the restaurant.

When it is an activity date it makes it easy for the both of you to start a conversation. Also, you get a chance to filter the girl too. I mean you would definitely not want to have a relationship with a girl who is not fun at all. So you also get to choose which girl is right for you.

Act properly

Be carefree and have lots of fun. It is all about developing a positive attitude and if you both are able to have some connection between you then you can be assured that the date has definitely made an impression. So go ahead and invite her and try to be yourself. Girls do not like boys who pretend to be what they are not.

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Reasons Why You Should Date a Person Who Loves to Travel

Messiness and disorder will be tolerated

Especially if you’re the type of guy to be extremely disorderly and always a chaotic mess, this can be a godsend since she won’t be nagging you along all day to clean your stuff. Because any type of travel — even the most well-planned trip — will be filled with chaos and uncertainty because you are entering the realm of the unknown. You simply can’t plan for every possible outcome or event you will face along the way. There is no way a girl obsessed with the order will also be in love with frequent traveling.

She can do things by herself

That is — she is a problem solver and is probably smarter than average. Like we established in number 3, traveling comes with a lot of uncertainty and surprises. but it also comes with excitement and the chance to do challenging things you normally never get to do, like trying to trek back to your hotel in the monsoon, finding the Best Travel Hair Dryer on Amazon two days before you leave, navigating a foreign country where nobody speaks English, haggling street side shops in China because you ran out of money going to KTV every day, and navigating the labyrinth that is most international airport today.

She knows how to spend money wisely

It’s easy to just lose all your money traveling since you want to buy the most expensive food or clothing or airplane tickets in the first few days. Even at the airport gate waiting for your flight, you can spend thousands at the duty-free shops. However, if she’s an experience traveling, she won’t make those amateur and careless mistakes and instead be very good at managing money during trips. This skill also carries well into real life.

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New Relationship: The Best First Home Date Tips

Believe it or not but one day you will feel like exiting all these dating places like restaurants and theatres and start dating at home. This means calling your partner or girlfriend home and make her comfortable plus giving her dating like feel. Here are the ways-

#1 Play A Board Game

Take it slowly, and for that, start with playing some card or board games. Ask each other questions, break the monotony and let your partner win. This will light up the spark in you two.

#2 Play Puzzle

Just like board games you two can solve any puzzle together. It can be a nice activity after getting done with cards. Pick up any puzzle and try to solve it while helping each other or create the competition.

#3 Bake Or Cook Something.

Ever thinking of baking a dessert together? If not, then it is the time. Ask your partner for her favorite sweet or dessert and so it together. The sweetness of the desert and the nice smell will make you both fell in love and intimacy. If you want any improvements in your home then use BuildSearch and find professionals at low costs.

#4 Paint With Watercolors

Just imagine how sexy it can be. Using watercolors on that canvas, placing hands together in color can be so amazing. Don’t try to stay clean and let the colors cover you.

#5 Bottle Of Wine And Dance

Having a bottle of wine and dance is undoubtedly a romantic and calmly combination. Get two wine glasses filled with the premium quality of wine and taste it together. Hold her hand and dance while sipping up the drink.

#6 Take A Bubble Bath

Want something steamy? Take a bubble bath with her. Get a bathroom Jacuzzi or a tub will work fine. Get intimate by slowing things down and soak up your souls into those bubbles.

18 At-Home Date Ideas

New relationship tips: the first home date

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The Best Dating Tips That Will Transform Your Love Life

Love is not a game for the faint hearts. But what if an unfeign, loyal person falls for someone? Well! Keep reading further to crack the secret and win her or his heart in the sleekest possible way. Most often the loyal people are way too decent to handle the emotions of someone else; and that where, misfortune throws an ace card. There are still people who are already an epitome of love, yet need a little enlightenment to make their life glare the brightest.

Unfolding the secret

Often we flunk to keep our relationship intriguing and later have to bear the loss of our beloved. To make it up to the expectations of your partner and bring the spark back, here are some tips to aid you and keep your relationship blossoming in the long run:

  • Communication is the key: no matter what the truth is, no matter how hard the lie is, just say it. Turning it around, passive aggression or not expressing the reason behind your disappointment, all are the vice that eventually bring your relationship in confrontation with its doom.
  • Little sacrifice is all it takes: maybe you are right sometimes, but understand the state of your partner. Keep shut for a while and when the other is in a state to listen, say the right thing. It’s not who wins the argument, rather who is able to make a prudent move and taper the unfurling fire.
  • Random expressions of love: so love is not all about the money game or the gold diggers. You may never know the intensity of a single, random ‘I love you’ text has on your partner.
  • Don’t be in any haste: if you have just begun courting, try not to leak any such emotion, and puppet well your libido so that the later does not feel you are desperate for a physical relationship and not real love.

Prudence and honesty – this is a great dating resource. Also these resources are priceless; so why not use them and make a contributing step to your love life.…

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Natural and safe male pills to ensure healthy sex life

Your sexual drive is the indicator of your health. It is a common quote “Horny means healthy”. If you are a male under 50 years and you do not wake up with regular erections, the case can be problematic for you. Healthy, wellness and libido are always concerned.

We have enlisted few top natural male enhancements reviews here that will help you to improve your libido.

  1. Organic weed extract with Maca powder

The ingredients of this pill improve the efficiency. It enhances blood circulation to the genital parts and boosts energy. The pill is known to provide best results in short time. The pill is made from 100% natural ingredients and is available at a very affordable price.


  1. Auragin Ginseng

The pill is made from 100% red panax ginseng and contains no artificial ingredients. The ginsenoside content is high in the pills which boost stamina and endurance. It improves your mood, makes you feel better and more energized. The main ingredient of the pill- ginsenoside is known to provide best results.

  1. Yohimbine

The pills from US are a potent supplement that provides better sex drive. It is made from all natural ingredients and is the best supplement for vegans. It also improves your metabolic rate and blood circulation without any side effect.


  1. organic maca root powder

This maca root powder is a 100% organic solution for improving your libido. It does not contain any artificial ingredient. It balances your hormones, improves your energy levels and affects your sexual drive potentially.

Other than that, this pill is a potential solution to infertility and decreased sperm count. This is a fairly priced supplement. If taken in its original form, the pill guarantees effective solution.…

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7 Reasons why to have a weight loss partner

Losing weight can be difficult, and it’s even more challenging when you are alone. Here we will look at some great reasons to have a partner to help you out when trying to lose weight.

  1. Having a partner can give you motivation on the tough days. You can help each other through these days and ensure you won’t slip up.
  2. You can also take turns to cook healthy meals when you have a partner. Alone, it can be too easy to turn to takeaways and junk food when you don’t feel like cooking. If you are working with someone else, you can take turns to cook dinner each night.
  3. Your partner can help you divert your attention elsewhere if you feel like you want to binge on unhealthy snacks. They can help you find healthy alternatives, or turn to another activity like taking a walk.
  4. If you have a partner, you can celebrate your achievements together. It means so much more when you hit your goals if you have someone to share it with.
  5. Exercising is more fun when you are with a friend. If you are going for a jog around the park, you’ll have someone to chat with. Or if you decide to try a new fitness class, you can always laugh at each other when things go wrong!
  6. A partner can help you feel more responsible for your actions. You’ll feel guilty about skipping a gym session if you know your friend is waiting for you.
  7. Movo Movo is a great website which can help you out if you don’t have a partner in your weight loss journey. Here, you will find loads of great tips and reviews of weight loss products which are sure to help you out when you are feeling alone.
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